Cookie policy

1. General

1.1 This is Kyono Fashion's cookie policy. Kyono Fashion uses cookies on its website.

1.2 Your privacy and the user-friendliness of the website are important to us. We use cookies to improve the ease of use on the website and to try to filter advertisements according to your interests. Below you will find a further explanation about cookies, what they are used for and how you can opt out of cookies, if desired.

2. What are cookies?

2.1 Cookies are small text files that a computer stores when a website is visited. For example, the cookie remembers what you enter on the website for a subsequent visit, so that the content of the website can be tailored to the relevant user and it is not necessary for personal data to be entered again.

3. How are cookies used at Kyono Fashion?

3.1 We think it is important to continuously improve the website to make it as easy as possible for you as a user to shop with us and to meet all your wishes and interests. For example, Kyono Fashion ensures that when you add something to your shopping cart and want to look further, that product actually remains in your shopping cart. Also, you don't want to log in every time you view a new page. Cookies enable Kyono Fashion to provide the user with these conveniences.

3.2 Furthermore, cookies are used for marketing purposes so that we can provide you with the most relevant content and do not bother you with content that does not interest you, but also to fulfill our obligations regarding the purchasing process of our customers.

4. Temporary and permanent cookies

4.1 Kyono Fashion distinguishes between temporary and permanent cookies. Permanent cookies are used, among other things, to automatically load personal settings so that they do not have to be filled in every time by the visitor and to make as relevant as possible use of marketing.

4.2 Temporary cookies are used to collect statistics regarding the use of the website. These are present as long as the user is on the website. Google Analytics is used to gain insight into the use of our webshop and which parts our visitors find interesting. For example, it looks at the number of visitors, which pages are viewed a lot, what people are searching for and via which browser they arrived at the website. To provide insight into the above, a cookie is placed to enable Google Analytics to actually measure this.

4.3 All this collected information is used to obtain certain insights with regard to the frequency of webpage visits and on which parts of the webshop the most time is spent etc. This enables Kyono Fashion to make adjustments where necessary for, for example, the design of the website, the menu and what type of content is published. It is good to know that all these statistics cannot be traced back to natural persons.

5. Consent to use cookies

5.1 According to the applicable laws and regulations, we may use cookies if they are strictly necessary for the use of the website (“functional cookies” and “preference cookies”). Furthermore, we may also use cookies as far as these cookies only use your data in an anonymous form (“analytical cookies”).

5.2 For the use of social media cookies, we refer to the privacy and cookie statements of the relevant social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

5.3 We explicitly need your permission for the use of advertising cookies.

6. Delete cookies

6.1 If you have given permission for the use of cookies, such as advertising cookies, you can withdraw this permission at any time in your account.

6.2 If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you can disable their use in the settings of your browser. It is also possible to set it so that every time you visit a website, you receive a notification that the relevant website wants to place a cookie. You can also delete the cookies that have already been stored on your computer, tablet or telephone at any time.

6.3 As a user, you can manage cookies that you accept on your computer via the browser you use. You can also indicate that you would like to be informed each time a cookie is offered and the browser can offer to delete the (possibly) already stored cookies on your computer. First you need to find out which browser you are using, because the procedures for deleting one or more cookies differ per web browser.

6.4 Below you can find per browser how you as a user can delete the cookies on your computer, tablet or smartphone:

-        Internet Explorer

-        Mozilla Firefox

-        Google Chrome

-        Safari

7. Changes

7.1 Kyono Fashion reserves the right to change this cookie policy. That is why you are advised to check this cookie policy regularly on this website. Continued use of this website after change (s) means that you agree to the changed cookie policy.

8. Contact

8.1 In case of questions, suggestions about this cookie policy or other aspects of our services, you can contact us via or via us Contact Form.

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