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Dreamy Seville…

Radiant Seville. Completely unexpectedly, while we are in the middle of our autumn and winter collection, we receive an invitation to go to the stunning Seville where the thermometer (don't be alarmed!) Hits no less than 40 degrees. Hola a todos! We leave very early and after a flight of 2.45 minutes and a short ride from the airport […]

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Cappadocia, a real fairytail ...

High on our bucket list is Cappadocia. For a long time we have wanted to take a look at the fairytale area with rocks in the shape of pointed caps, underground cities, cave houses and jagged valleys. It is a true natural wonder and is therefore on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a reason. Strolling through ancient Turkey, sleeping in […]

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The waves are calling me ...

As a little girl I could not be beaten away from the sea ... for hours staring at the waves, hair in the wind, looking for shells, building sandcastles, dreaming away with my feet in the warm loose sand during sunrise or sunsets. Just magical! The waves are calling me over and over again. I love the beach! […]

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Ciao Bella…

Bella Italia. Summer is almost over when we want to get away from it all, take a breath after months of work without having a day off. We stuff our car and leave for Bella Italia. Delicious just like in the old days, carefree, without planning anything by car criss-crossing through romantic Tuscany, delicious […]

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Magical Maldives

Dream destination. Shooting and vacationing on the pearly white beaches of the Maldives is a dream come true when we fly to Malé in early March, while there is still snow with us. Unreal… What would it be like in the atolls and small islands in the Indian Ocean? That the Maldives has been at the top of our wish list for years […]

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